STORYTIME AT STARBUCKS presents Storytime at Starbucks is an arts-based approach to early literacy development, sponsored in part by Scribes & Vibes Bookshop and Starbucks Conyers. Exhibiting a beautiful blend of education and entertainment, the Saturday afternoon storytime concert features performances by librarians and local musicians.

Our goal is to create a community-centered learning environment and position coffeehouse culture to improve parent - teacher partnerships.



Shout out to the “Rock Star” librarians. Oops… Since we’re speaking out for libraries, “Teachers Deserve More Pay.”

Now that that is out of the way, join us as we celebrate early childhood education through the arts. Enjoy a premium blend of pop-up library, children’s books, sing-along songs, and storytime starring librarians and local musicians with educators, library advocates, and other Blerds.

The Library Bae
Librarian / Storyteller

Lisa Love
Librarian / Storyteller

J Latoy
Educator / Musician 

Reggie Love
Educator / Master of Ceremonies

Derwin Daniels
Educator / Musician 

Bobby Light
Librarian / Storyteller 



At our core, Storytime at Starbucks is a community-led approach to early literacy outreach based upon coffeehouse culture and the value of:

Creating a thriving learning community for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers – one where parents and caregivers are a taught to nurture the building blocks of early literacy.


Nothing encourages school readiness better than social rewards! With our storytime concerts serving as a social support for early learners, Rhythm & Rhymes Trivia Time awards both children and caregivers with opportunities to win picture books, Starbucks gift cards, and storytime snacks.

Yes. Every story matters, we need to see stories we can relate to.

-Aja E.

Yes. Children need to see themselves in books.

-LeShandra M.

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